Setting Up a Facebook Pixel in Business Manager

Facebook pixels can be created on the personal level or through a Business Manager account.  Both of these can be accessed through your personal Facebook login, so it can get a bit confusing which type you're creating.  You'll want to make sure you're creating a Business Manager pixel, which can be shared with other administrators of the Facebook Business Manager account.  

  • If your company has not already created a Business Manager account, follow the first 4 steps on this page.

  • If your company does already have a Business Manager account, make sure you're added as an admin.  The creator of the account will need to follow these steps to add you as an administrator.  There is no need to add Gameflow employees as administrators.

2) Once you're an admin, you can create a pixel for your business. Follow these steps.
  • If there is already a pixel created in this account, Gameflow just needs the ID of the existing pixel.  The goal is to use one pixel for all your web activities, not create different pixels.
  • Once you click "Set up the Pixel Now" you'll get a bit of install script code.  You can just send that code to Gameflow and we'll adapt it and install it using Google Tag Manager.

Google Campaign URL Builder

In order to track where traffic is coming from (for example to a Subscribe or Donate Page) use this tool to create links that track campaign sources and different campaign content:

You can also create a short URL (for example, for a print ad), that links to a longer tracking URL created using the tool above. Learn more about using redirects to create a short URL. 

Detailed use cases from our friends at Orbit Media: