Sync a new Event

Build your events and event instances in PatronManager. 

In WordPress, go to Groundplan >> Settings.

Make sure there are no errors at the top of the screen. If you see a notification about a missing venue, you'll need to create that venue in WordPress before syncing. All Venues need to be created and linked in WordPress before syncing any events. The Venue for each Performance / Showtime must be linked to create each Event Instance.

Click PatronManager Data >> Clear Cache. See also: Resetting the PatronManager Cache

After the cache is cleared, reload the page.

Go to your event and link it to a related PatronManager event: 

Click "Update."

The website will be able to pull the following information from PatronManager. These fields show up in Green on the event detail back end. 

  • Event Ticketing URL
  • Details (becomes "Full Description" of event)
  • Description (becomes "Short Description" of event)
  • Sort Order
  • Event Instance Times, Venues, & Event Instance Ticketing URLs

This is a one-way relationship; data flows FROM PatronManager TO Wordpress, not the other way around.

Empty fields that have a value in PatronManager will be populated. If fields already have a value, their value will not change.

Make sure that each Event instance properly attaches to the correct venue. (For some configurations, you may have multiple venues that correspond to different seating configurations). Venue information can be used to filter the calendar or supplement information on your event detail page.

Update an existing event

If your PatronManager data changes, for example if a performance sells out or a show is added, resave the event after syncing Patron data to update the page. 

The PatronManager sync is non-descructive.  That means if you save an event description and make changes in WordPress, those fields will no longer sync if you make changes in PatronManager.  If you want to resync these fields with PatronManager values, first delete the value in WordPress and save the event, which will resync the latest values from PatronManager.

Typically after the first sync the easiest workflow is to make your changes to marketing copy like the Short & Long Description only in WordPress.  This allows you to use the PatronManager fields (which display during the ticketing process) for ticketing information and policies or to keep those fields empty to help clean up the ticketing experience.