1. Build events in WP and PM. 
  2. In PatronManager: 
    1. Add event instances.
    2. Add the not on sale yet message. 
    3. Do NOT add private allocations yet!
    4. Make sure that the event instance date and time is accurate, not just the label. 
    5. Make sure each PatronManager Event Instance is connected to a Venue. 
  3. In WordPress, clear the cache in Groundplan >> Settings and connect each Wordpress event to its PM counterpart in the Related PatronManager Event field. 
  4. In PatronManager, add private allocations & private onsale date. 
    1. The dropdown will no longer show the event, but the data is available in WP.
    2. This makes event available to subscribers, donors, or whoever should see the private allocation.

The website will be able to pull the following information from PatronManager. These fields are marked in green in Wordpress.

  • Event Ticketing URL
  • Details (becomes "Full Description" of event)
  • Description (becomes "Short Description" of event)
  • Sort Order
  • Event Instance Times, Venues, & Event Instance Ticketing URLs
  • Custom Fields

This is a one-way relationship; data flows FROM PatronManager TO Wordpress, not the other way around.