After your subscription/membership period, follow these steps to put single tickets on sale.

Put your tickets on sale for event instances in PatronManager. 

In the event detail page for each event, turn off Vague Dates if it is on.

Delete the text in "Display Date Override." The correct dates will automatically calculate from the event instances.

Delete the General Ticket URL. When you save the event, if it's linked to a PatronManager event, it will automatically re-sync with the correct ticketing links. 

Delete your Custom Button Text. It will return to the site's default Buy button text. 

Update the Event page.

If you are using the Festival Calendar, set the Sales Mode to "Tickets Onsale."

Check for errors after single tickets are put on sale

Go through your events (review your calendar page and Event detail pages) for the following:

  • Each event is connected to a related PatronManager event.
  • The general ticket url is accurate (if a previous alternate link was saved in the event.)
  • Each event instance has a ticketing link. 
  • If you're using the Festival Calendar, all events should have an "Add to Cart" button.