If some events exist in PatronManager but not in Wordpress, you can import them to Wordpress as drafts, without having to build them in Wordpress first. This is useful when setting up the PatronManager add-on for the first time.

Prep your data

Make sure you've updated to the latest version of the Groundplan Pro Plugin. Go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins >> Update Available (at the top of the page) and update Groundplan Pro and any other Groundplan plugins. 

Make sure your events in PatronManager are scheduled and onsale. Or, follow the instructions for syncing events before they go on sale.

IMPORTANT! Make sure all your current Wordpress events are connected to a matching "Related PatronManager Event" . If you have matching events in Wordpress and PatronManager, but they are not connected in the "Related PatronManager Event" field on the Event Detail page, this process will create duplicate events in Wordpress.

Import Events and Venues

After you install the PatronManager Add-On for the first time, you may want to quickly import all your Venues and Events from PatronManager.  There is now a one-click process.

Note: If you have existing events and venues in WordPress, make sure you connect them to their respective PatronManager events and venues to avoid creating duplicates with this process.

  1. Navigate to Groundplan >> Settings
  2. Click "Import Missing Venues & Events." Read and agree to the warning.

Any events and venues in PatronManager that are not yet linked to WordPress events and venues will now be created, linked, and imported as drafts.

If you have events on sale but don't want them to be, take your PatronManager events back off sale to prevent unwanted sales.  

Proof each draft venue and event that's been imported, add images and event descriptions, then publish the event.