You can link directly to a specific tab on a tabbed page, or add a link to a tab to your menu.

Get the link

  1. Go to the page and tab you want to link to.
  2. Right click on the tab you want to link to. (CTRL+Click on Mac)
  3. Choose 'Copy Link address' (this may have a different label depending on your browser)
  4. It should look something like this: The text after the # should be the tab title. 

Add an anchor link to the main menu

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menus
  2. Add a 'Custom Link' to your main menu.
  3. Paste the anchor link to the tab as the custom link, and give the menu item a name.
  4. Drag the menu item to the appropriate spot in your menu, and click 'Save Menu'