Your PatronManager event and venue information is saved every 15 - 30 minutes on your WordPress site to prevent server overload.  If you put additional events on sale and want to sync events immediately, you may need to manually reset the cache. Here's how.

Reset the Cache

  1. Go to Groundplan >> Settings.

  2. Make sure there are no errors at the top of the screen. If you see a notification about a missing venue, you'll need to create that venue in WordPress before syncing. PatronManager syncing is disabled when a venue is missing from the system – this prevents creation of bad data in WordPress.

  3. Click PatronManager Data >> Clear Cache.  
  4. After the cache is cleared, You will get a message saying "Sync cache deleted." If you get a timeout error or other error, there could be a lot of site activity or a memory issue interfering with refresh. Wait about 5 minutes and try again.
  5. Once you get the "Sync cache deleted" message, reload the page by clicking "Update" in the top right.
  6. Go to your event, make sure the event is connected to the correct PatronManager event, and re-save.  
  7. Empty fields that have a value in PatronManager will be populated.  If fields already have a value, their value will not change.
  8. If the new event instances don’t appear, you can try deleting all Event Instances and save again.  This will delete all historic performance information in Wordpress and only keep future dates.

  9. Note that each Event instance properly attaches to the correct venue.  (For some configurations, you may have multiple venues that correspond to different seating configurations).  Venue information can be used to filter the calendar or supplement information on your event detail page.

Update all Events

SINCE 1.1.9

You can resync all events with PatronManager from Groundplan >> Settings >> Update All Events.  New performances, if any, are added, sync fields that are empty in WordPress are updated, newly sold out performances are updated, and date ranges are updated if there are any changes.

Warning! This process is very server-intensive. We recommend updating all events no more than once or twice a day. Ideally only one person on staff would be designated to update all events, to avoid overloading the server. 

Adding Additional Inventory

When updating events, Sold Out events are automatically marked as sold out when they are saved in WordPress using either of the above methods.

However, If more inventory / ticket allocations are added to an event, WordPress event instances have to be manually updated in WordPress (set 'Sold Out' to 'Performance' for the Event Instance) as an added failsafe against overselling events.  This manual process allows you to control when online sales are restored, if at all.