Add People with headshots and bios

Add cast and crew names under People >> Add New. Once artists are added, you can add them to events and flex pages. The most important info to add for a person is their headshot and Person Type (Cast, Staff, Teaching Artists, Musicians, etc). 

Add People to Events

Add cast headshots to event pages. A sample of how this looks (scroll to the bottom):

  • Add a person to event on either the event page or the person page. 
  • Scroll down, the controls should be at the bottom:

Update the header for this section under Special Event Settings >> Related People Title

Add People to Flex Pages

This is good for a staff directory page or a listing of your teaching artists. For example:

  • Create a new page. (This component doesn't work with Legacy tabs, just new pages.) 
  • Add a new tab. 
  • In Content Types, click People. 
  • Select the People Type you'd like (Staff, Cast, Teaching Artists, Musicians, etc.) 

Reorder People

Go to People >> Reorder. 

Drag and drop people into your preferred order.