This article is documentation for upcoming features in the release of the PatronManager Add-on v. 1.1.0.

PatronManager custom fields can be added (via a support ticket with PatronManager or Gameflow) to both Events and Event Instances.

The following naming conventions are used for these fields to link them to Groundplan fields:

Posttype_Field_Name__c: Special functions applying only to a posttype.

This is used for special class handling, e.g. applying a sub-class page template

 e.g. Event_Custom_Type__c:"class" — this is a special class, applied to mc_event objects

Groundplan_Field_Name__c: Groundplan fields mean this value is stored in the event meta, under the meta_key 'field_name'

e.g. Groundplan_Header_Image__c:"" stores this url in the 'header_image' meta key for this post.