Here are the default performance types. 

Set them on the Event Instance. 

Here's what each performance type does. 

Performance is the default. Use this for standard events and classes.

Event Labels 

Preview, Extension, Pre-Show Event, Post-Show Event, Talkback, Student Matinee, Open Captioned, Audio Described, ASL Interpreted, and Student Performance performance types add a corresponding label to the event on the calendar. For example: 

Ticketing Variations

Sold Out, Free, and RSVP change the button text. You can set the button text for Sold Out and Free events here: 

Free also removes the Member Login button. For both Free and RSVP, we recommend changing the Ticketing URL for the performance to a form to Sign up or RSVP to the event so that you are collecting audience information.

Postponed, Canceled, and Rescheduled Events

Postponed - Use when an event is going to be rescheduled for a later date but the date has not yet been determined. Removes Buy buttons and uses the Sold Out button text. 

Canceled - Use when an event is entirely canceled.  Removes Buy buttons and uses the Sold Out button text. 

Rescheduled - Keeps the Buy button and adds a "Rescheduled" label. Use on the adjusted new date of a rescheduled performance.  Ticketing links are NOT disabled, as the event is now on sale at the new time and date.  Note that if you want to include the old scheduled performance on your calendar, you can add a dummy "Postponed" event instance from the previous time and adjust the ticketing link to point to the new date and time.

When Groundplan Settings >> Structured Data is enabled, each event type also supports updated structured data event schema to Google and other search engines, which can help search engine communicate the appropriate event status.

Read this blog article for more guidance on the new Google Events features.

Online Events 

Online Event - for Virtual performances.  You can optionally use the new Event Structured Data >> Online Event URL if you have a different URL for your online performance.  Do not publish a Virtual Event URL if it should be a secret URL that only ticket buyers have access to.

Want to change the Buy button text?

Use the Buy Button Override field.