To perform some top-level color customization, navigate to the 'Customize' section under the Wordpress Admin 'Appearance' section:

Theme Color customization is then available under the 'Theme Colors' item:

Before we get in to the options available here, please allow us to discourage you from making frequent use of this feature:

  • Changes made here apply only to the main site. In particular, color choices don't flow through to the Patron Manager interface (the themed tie-in to Patron Manager is a custom skin that has to be hand-crafted).
  • If changes are made at all, small changes are better than drastic ones—it's surprisingly easy to make things look terrible with a few poorly-chosen colors.
  • If more control is required than these simple controls offer, you'll need to either apply a skin (see how to customize Calendar CSS in Groundplan) or contact Gameflow Interactive for a custom solution.

Site-wide colors

Global Settings

Primary Brand Color
default #2D3489
This is the main highlight color, used throughout the site for links, some header colors, and other splashes of color.

Main Page Background Color
default #FFFFF

Header/Footer Border Color
default #2D3489
This color controls the line border at both the bottom of the header and the top of the footer.


The Navigation color settings apply to the top header area with a drop-down tray menu (i.e. the section with default menu items of 'Event', 'Get Here', 'About', Contact', etc.)

Navigation Text Color
default #58595B
Used for main navigation items (e.g. 'Event').

Navigation Link Color
default #2D3489
Used for navigation sub-items (e.g. 'All Events', 'Calendar', etc.).

Navigation Background Color
default #FFFFFF


Groundplan Theme offers two button styles, defined with these colors:

Button Primary Color
default #2D3489
Background of primary button style (reversed to be text/border color for secondary button style).

Button Secondary Color
default #FFFFFF
Text & Border color of primary button style (reversed to be background color for secondary button style).


The footer section is the only part of the Groundplan Theme that can support both light and dark (light text on dark background) styles.

Footer Text Color
default #727376

Footer Link Color
default #2D3489

Footer Background Color
default #FFFFFF

Calendar colors

Similar to the more global color options, the first group of colors are applied widely across different calendars.  In most circumstances, you'll want to keep these borders in the same hue family.

Calendar Primary Border Color
default #2D3489 ◼︎
Highlight border color, applied to the current day and/or week.

Calendar Light Border Color
default #DDDDDD ◼︎
This is the default border color for days/weeks in most calendars.

Calendar Dark Border Color
default #58595B ◼︎
A darker color used for larger borders, such as the outside border for the current month.

Calendar Button Color
default #FFA500 ◼︎
Some calendars, such as the agenda view, display buttons for ticket purchase. This color applies to those calendar buttons, but does not apply to outlined buttons that are based on the primary color.

Calendar Navigation Color
default #2D3489 ◼︎
Navigation controls for previous/next months are styled with this color.

Calendar Label Color
default #2D3489 ◼︎
Label color applies to text labels on the calendar, such as days of the week.

Calendar Label Background Color
default #FFFFFF ◻︎

Groundplan provides several different types of calendars, each with their own details depending on the context in which they're placed. Larger single-event or monthly calendars appear differently to the mini-calendar (treated separately below). Days in the calendar are highlighted according to different metrics, controlled here by three colors:

Single/Monthly Calendar Background (no events)
default #EEEEEE ◼︎

Single/Monthly Calendar Background (has events)
default #DDDDDD ◼︎

Single/Monthly Calendar Background (day from inactive month)
default #FFFFFF ◻︎
These days are from previous or following months included to pad out a full week at the start and end of the selected month.

Mini-Calendar Background (no events)
default #FFFFFF ◻︎

Mini-Calendar Background (has events)
default #EEEEEE ◼︎

Mini-Calendar Background (day from inactive month)
default #CCCCCC ◼︎