We recommend setting global promos for all pages, to highlight a specific marketing push, and to avoid manually entering promos on each page. 

Global Promos - appear on all flex pages, calendar pages, and events 

From the left menu, click "Groundplan Theme Settings," then "Announcements" to set up your sidebar promos for all pages on your site. Set an image or video, teaser text, button text and button link for 2 promos that will display in a sidebar on all pages. 

Customized Promos - for Specific Pages or Events

In a specific page, you can override these global promos by adding content to the "Promos" box below your other page content. 

The "News" page does not have an option to set specific promos. It will display the global promos. 

Note: In Groundplan Theme, promos do NOT appear on tabbed pages.

Event List Promos - appear in lists of events

Event List promos are full width promos that appear in lists of events - they can be useful to promote content like memberships, subscription offers, or planning tools & resources.

From the left menu, select "Groundplan Theme Settings" then "Event Settings", find the "Event List Promos" section and click "Add Promo".  If you want to add Event Lists Promos for only specific Seasons, Series, or Genres, you can edit that category and add an Event List Promo to override default Event List Promos.

Event List Promo text appears over the background image. You can use the "Adjust Background Image Contrast" settings to make your image lighter or darker. We also recommend using our Photoshop Templates – available in your personalized documentation in the Help Menu - to position your image against overlaid text.

Event List Promos appear in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th positions in an event list.