Venues are where events are held. You can add venue info to specific events. 

Note: Every event must have a venue to sync with PatronManager.

If you've synced your website with PatronManager during setup, all venues in PatronManager should be ready in Wordpress. 

To see all venues, click "Venues" in the left navigation menu. To add a venue, click "Venues," then "Add New."

Add your venue's name in the box marked "Enter Title here."

In the box labeled "Venue PatronManager Sync Settings," select your venue from the dropdown. Whatever venue data you have in PatronManager will appear on the venue page when you publish it.

Below, you can add additional data that's not in PatronManager, such as an image, dimensions, address, phone, map, capacity, directions, and more. If you don't use PatronManager as your ticketing system, fill in the venue info as desired. 

If you have any maps on your website, make sure the venue address is entered and saved in the Google Maps area. You may need to hit Enter to make sure the address is saved.

In the Publish box on the right, click "Save Draft" while editing or "Publish" when you're done.