Add a Post

From the left menu, click "Posts," then "Add New."

For much more detail on creating posts:

Add a Category

On the right, under Publish, is the Category box. When audience members click on a category, they'll see all posts within that category. You can define whatever categories appear most frequently for your organization, such as "News," "Letter from the Artistic Director," "Youth," "Behind the Scenes," etc.  

For more:

To view all posts in a category, hover over the category name and click View. 

Sample Article List Page will populate a list of all recent posts. 

Sample Post/Article Detail Page

Video Player

Did you know? You can add a video or a static image to the header of your post. In the "Post Header Image/Video" box, upload an image to be used before the video starts, then enter a URL link to a video. 

Sticky Posts

Make a post "Sticky" and it will appear at the top of your newsfeed even when new posts are published. Here's how. 

Go to Posts and find the article. Click Quick Edit

Check the box marked "Make this post sticky." 

Then click Update.