Latest Updates

  • Adjusted Sold Out syncing and API format adjustments to support additional cases with PTS 2 transitional URL formats.

2.0.0 - July 2019

UPDATE NOTICE: Version 2.0 requires at least Groundplan Pro v.1.3.8. The new version adds additional features for Patron Ticketing Site v2.

  • Added Sold Out syncing support for PTS 2

  • Added support for the New Patron Ticketing Site, which features a new URL structure.
  • Added Labels for corresponding fields in PatronManager to aid in syncing configuration.
  • Added settings to indicate when Patron Portals is active. Users are prompted for login before making a purchase when Patron Portals is active.
  • Fixed a bug where a fatal error would sometimes be triggered if Groundplan Pro was not activated.
  • Fixed a bug where cache wouldn't reset in some server conditions.

1.3.0 - July 2018

  • Added one click import support to import all missing venues and events as drafts.  
  • Added support for PatronManager Subscription events to override single ticket sales when present.
  • Fixed a bug with syncing events with the same start time in different venues.

1.1.0 - January 2018

  • CUSTOM FIELD SYNCING - Syncing now makes available any custom fields in PatronManager Events or Event Instances via the xdgp_load_all() function, or as Wordpress Post Meta values

1.0.0 - December 2017

  • Added help for syncing events and presale events to the Help menu.
  • Added the Update all Events feature to resync and update all linked event and performance statuses from PatronManager quickly.

0.3.0 - May 2017

  • Added One-click import of all PatronManager venues and events that do not already exist as drafts
  • Added a default redirect option to control where Patron Portals users are redirected after login. Requires the use of xdgp_patronmanager_generate_member_login_url() when including links to Patron Portals logins.
  • Added xdgp_patronmanager_generate_member_login_url() function for Member login return URL workflows.
  • PHP 5.4 - 7 Compatibility adjustments
  • Corrected an error handling issue when ticket data fails to load properly.

0.2.0 - September 2016

  • Enable standalone use for PatronManager API Integration directly with WordPress.
  • Improved compatibility with other plugins that use ACF for settings but do not honor other plugins, (e.g. WPML Multilingual CMS)
  • Improved Error messages in the event of a Salesforce request error.
  • License Management Features
  • Added Patron Portals URL field
  • Initial migration of Patron Sync fields from Groundplan Suite to improved User Interface