It can be useful to create private-access pages or events to give stakeholders a preview of content before it is published - or publish members-only content.

This technique, which requires the Post Password Plugin, allows you to create a secret URL for a page, so that only people you send the link to will be able to see the protected content. They will not need to enter the password to see the page as long as they have the secure link.

Note:  If you are previewing a blog post or event before it should go live, use the "Share a Post Preview" technique below, otherwise your event title may appear in event and article lists.

Create a Token-protected Page

Go to Pages >> Add New. 

Set a Password for the page in the "Publish" metabox.  This should be a difficult to guess password. 

Hit Publish. 

Copy the secret URL in the “Post Password Token” box. You can copy this secret link and use it, say, in an email, portal, or in a secret redirect so that only the people you want to have access to the page can get in. These users *do not* need to know the page password if they use this secret link.

NOTE: Not seeing the Post Password Token box?  Your post may not be published, or You may not have the plugin installed. Contact and we'll get that set up for you.

Password Protected pages are automatically hidden from search engines.  As of Groundplan Theme 1.3.3, Password protected events are also hidden from public calendars.

Promos on Password-Protected Content

You can now set a full-width promo that appears under any password entry forms to promote a membership program or other call to action. Set this promo in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Announcements >> Password Page Promo

Share a Post Preview with a Member of Your Team

If you want to share draft posts with a member of your team who does not have a WordPress login - without publishing the event - use the following procedure.

  1. Go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins and make sure the Public Post Preview plugin is enabled.
  2. Go to your draft post.  In the "Publish" controls box, click "Enable Post Preview"
  3. Copy the Public Preview URL and share it with your team member.  They will be able to see the post from this link even when they are not logged in.
  4. When you're ready to publish the post, disable enable public preview.