Reorder everyone manually

Go to People >> Reorder. 

This list is used when you combine multiple People Types into a single Person list. 

Reorder by Person Type 

  1. Go to People >> Reorder >> Reorder by Term >> Select Person Types 
  2. Select the group of people you want to reorder
  3. Drag and drop the names around.

Ordering Groups of People (Person Types)

  1. Go to People >> Taxonomy Order. 
  2. Drag and drop the Person Types in the order you'd like.

Set Person Types to sort alphabetically

  1. Go to People >> Person Types >> {edit a Type} >> Sort By. 
  2. Make sure the Last Name field is entered for all the people in that Person Type. If the Last Name field isn’t present in the person record, they’ll sort out of order.

Tips for sorting a Person List on a page or event

If your person types are not ordering correctly, try adding people to multiple people types and include only one Person Type per Person List.