If you have the Duplicate Posts plugin installed on your site, you can copy current posts, pages, events, and classes to new drafts. If you would like this plugin installed, send a note to support@gameflow.design.

Note: the plugin only duplicates content that has been entered onto the page, post, or event. It doesn't duplicate links to other posts, pages, or events (post-to-post connections). So it won't duplicate things like event instances, related artists, instructors, related posts. 

How to clone an existing page (or post, or event - same instructions apply)

From the page list

Go to Pages >> All Pages 

Pick a page with content entered and click Clone in the page list.  

A new draft will appear. Click Edit. 

Make any changes, don't forget to change the Permalink under the page title, and click Publish when you're done.

From the page itself

Edit the page, then click Copy to a new Draft next to the Update button.

The new page will open immediately and you can make your edits from there. 

More info in these articles: Plugin DocumentationOptimizer WP - How to Duplicate a Page