Note: Do NOT share internal payment links with customers! They are for your organization's staff only. 

For existing orders, use the Internal Balance Payment form

After someone has paid their initial deposit, use the Balance Payment form to: 

  • Apply a gift certificate dollar amount
  • Apply an account credit (Ex/If someone paid a deposit on a previous class, but the class was canceled, and they want to use that deposit on a future class.)
  • Apply a scholarship award

Find the order in Salesforce

Search for the contact's name or participant's name in Salesforce. 

Scroll down to Class Registration Items and click on the Class Registration Order (NOT the Class Registration Item Name). 

Open the order and click on the Balance Payment Link. You may see two links: 

  • Admin Balance Payment Link  - use this for internal payments. 
  • Customer Balance Payment Link - send this to the customer for them to pay their balance.

Change the Balance Payment form to the Internal Balance Payment Form (if needed) 

You can turn on the internal fields by adding an Internal User Code to the end of the Balance Payment URL.

Go to Class Registration Settings. The link may be in your Custom Links, or go to Setup and search for Class Registration Settings.

Copy the "Form Assembly Internal User Code." This is your organization's code and will work for all classes, so you can copy/paste it somewhere easy to find later. (This is also the same code you'd use to modify the Class Registration Form.) 

Paste it at the end of the registration form link like so:

Make a payment using the Internal Form

The participant and Class information should be prefilled on the form. 

Enter the amount you want to pay (or the amount of the award or credit) in the field "Amount to pay on this item."

A few new fields should appear on internal forms. 

In the Payment Section 

Internal Payment Methods

Select a value in the Internal Payment Methods field, which overrides the public "How would you like to pay?" field.

Payment Status 

Most of the time, use Payment Complete. If you're waiting on payment but want to save the order as a Registration with $0.00 paid, use Not Posted. 

Ad-hoc Payment

in development!

In the Student/Participant section

Ad-hoc discount

Use this to discount a class by a particular amount, i.e. $10 off a class.

Enter the information as relevant and click Submit to update the order balance.