Credit Card Refunds 

If it's a credit card payment, the payment needs to be refunded in Stripe first, before refunding the order in PatronManager. This may need to be done by the finance office depending on your procedures & policies.

Send a note to your Stripe admin with this information from the Class Registration Payment Record: 

Please refund $X.XX order amount for the email address. Payment was made on MM/DD/YY date with the Charge ID ch_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Refund the order in Stripe 

  • In Stripe, view Orders, and look up the order via Email Address. 
  • Go to Payments, then Find Payment. 
  • Select the payment, then click "Refund" button in top right.
  • Enter the amount you wish to refund, which should match the amount of the line item or full order refund.

After the Stripe order is refunded, complete the Refund Wizard in PatronManager

  • Search for the Contact or Participant's name.
  • Go to Class Registration Order.
  • Click the "Issue Refund" button: 

When the refund is done in Patron, the Class Registration Order and your Patron reporting will be updated as well. 

Refund Guidelines

  • If refunding multiple items, you'll need to refund each item separately.

  • You can't refund a random amount - it has to be the amount of one of the items, which also simplifies the Stripe process. 

Refunding Donations

You can’t refund a Donation in the Refund Wizard without also refunding the entire Order. 

Partial Refund Guidelines

  • You can partially refund an order as in "refund some items but not others". You can either refund the entire Order (including any Donations) at once, or refund each item individually. 
  • You cannot, say, refund 2 out of 3 items at the same time. But you can refund #1 and then loop back and refund #2 while still in the Wizard.
  • You CAN refund Partially Paid items.
  • You can't currently partially refund an item with a random amount, but that might be added in a future version.

How to Refund Partially Paid items

  1. When exchanging a partially paid item, select "Upcharge"
  2. Select "Third Party Payment" which will log a temporary payment without affecting other reporting or reducing the price of the item.
  3. After completing the exchange, delete only the Third Party Class Registration Payment and Class Registration Payment Item (Leave the Exchange payments in place) like so:

This will correctly calculate the new balance and apply the previous payments to the new items.

Exchange Guidelines

  • You can only exchange one item at a time. You can, however, exchange item #1 and then loop back and exchange #2 while still in the Wizard.
  • It must be a one-for-one exchange. (You can’t exchange one item for two items.)
  • You cannot charge an Exchange Fee (see "Cancellation Fees" below)
  • You cannot apply a Discount during an Exchange.
  • Credit Card upcharges and downcharges require an extra step, because PatronManager cannot control the client’s Stripe/ account. The Wizard will prompt the Stripe Admin to complete this step and wait for them to do it before proceeding. 
  • You can’t exchange a Donation. 
  • You CAN exchange Partially Paid items.

Charging Cancellation Fees

If you charge Cancellation Fees, set up your cancellation fee as a Ticketable Class.  

  • Add plenty of event inventory to make the cancellation Fee available. 
  • When you need to cancel an order and charge a fee, follow the "Exchange Guidelines" process to exchange the class item with a Cancellation Fee.
  • Follow the wizard to refund the balance of the order.