Base Form URLs 

Find these URLs on Class Registration Settings in PatronManager, or in your FormAssembly account. They will be something like:

  • Class Registration
  • Balance Payment
  • Wait List

Modifications to base URLs

Prefill a class

1. Add the following code to the end of the URL of the Class Registration form, Balance Payment form, or Wait List form. (Note: Not available for Scholarship form.) 


Note: All 15 class fields must be in the URL, even if you're only prefilling 1 class.

2. For most class registration installs, Find the Class ID by going to the Event >> Event Instance >> Custom Fields >> 15-Digit ID

Note:  If you add "Classes" in PatronManager instead of "Ticketable Events", the Class ID is the 15 Digit ID at the end of the URL when you view the Class.

3. Add the Class ID to the URL after "class1=". For example: 

Button URL format with one class prefilled:

Prefill more than one class

You can add up to 15 classes to the URL, and they will all be prefilled on the class registration form. For example: 

Button URL format for Add-On Package or Multiple Classes

Internal Payments

For internal payments (cash/check payments, scholarship awards, ad-hoc discounts or ad-hoc payments), see also: