1. Before you announce your events, build them in PatronManager. 
    1. Set a public allocation as a placeholder (you could make this the actual future public allocation if you'd like)
    2. Set a future onsale date (ideally, your actual onsale date)
    3. Set a "Not on Sale Yet" message with info on when tickets will go onsale to the public.
  2. Sync your events to WordPress. 
    1. Add images, description text, series, pricing, byline fields, anything else to finish the event in WordPress. 
    2. Set "Buy Tickets Override" text to something like "Member Presale"
    3. Save as a draft. 
  3. Put member tickets on sale. 
    1. Set a Private Allocation with an access code for members.
    2. Publish the event in WordPress.
  4. Put public tickets on sale. 
    1. Make sure your public ticket allocations are correct in PatronManager.
    2. Remove the "Buy Tickets Override" text in WordPress.