Public discount codes are hard-coded during project setup. Contact us if you need to add or update a discount code. 

Discount Codes must be permanently coded into FormAssembly. They’re currently not editable from within PatronManager. 

Percentage discounts (ie 10% off) must apply to every item on the orders. We encourage percentages over fixed rate discounts if at all possible, since with flat rate discounts, the form needs to be tested to ensure the total due never goes in the negative.

Flat rate or fixed discounts can apply to individual items. 

The codes are case-sensitive. (ex. If your code is “50OFF”, then “50off” will not work.)

The more Discount Codes you have, the slower your form might be. Discount Codes (currently) require JavaScript in calculated fields, and calculated fields (especially those in repeated sections) can make the form sluggish. A good way to consolidate is to have only one code for each percentage (ex. Don’t have “SUMMER10” and “SPRING10” that both just give you 10% off.)

You may need to to apply a one-time ad hoc discount on an order, such as applying an account balance or gift certificate. To do this, create an internal payment using FormAssembly. Here's how: 

Scholarships with a Financial Aid Application

To be considered for financial aid, students should follow these steps: 

  1. Complete the Registration form with a deposit payment. Indicate on the Registration Form that they are applying for a scholarship.
  2. Fill out the Financial Aid Application. (This is a separate form that may or may not be created by Gameflow. Check your organization's contract for details.)

Continue your typical workflow for determining awards and notifying students if they have received a scholarship award. Moving classes to FormAssembly/PatronManager won't change this part of the process.

After a scholarship is determined, place an internal payment to the student's existing order to apply the scholarship to their account balance. 

  • In the "Amount to Pay" field, enter the scholarship amount. 
  • In the Payment Type field, enter Scholarship.

You may want to set up a Pending Scholarships Report in PatronManager to pull students who have applied, but for whom a scholarship hasn't been determined yet.