Setting up a tracking pixel / script on GTM

  1. Login in to your Google Tag Manager account at

  2. In Google Tag Manager, Navigate to Tags >> New

  3. Give your Tag a unique Name, e.g. "Gameflow Page Tracker"

  4. Choose the type of tag. For a flexible option, choose "Custom HTML"

  5. Save your Tag. Confirm that you want to save the tag without a trigger.

  6. Create or Choose your Trigger

  7. Add your trigger to the tag by going to Tags >> Your Tag Name >> click "Triggering"

  8. Choose the appropriate trigger

Choosing a Trigger

Some pixels and tags should appear on every page. If that's the case, choose an "All pages" trigger if it's setup. Other pixels want to be targeted to only appear on specific pages.  If you're setting up a Conversion Pixel, use the "PatronManager Conversion" trigger.

Create a PatronManager Conversion Trigger

  1. 'Go to Triggers >> Add New

  2. Name the Trigger "PatronManager Conversion"

  3. Click "Trigger configuration".  Set the Trigger type to "Page View" 

  4. Select "Some Page views" 

  5.  Set the trigger to fire when the Page URL contains "publicticketconfirm"

Publish Your Changes

After setting up new tags and triggers in GTM, remember to publish the workspace changes by pressing the blue "Submit" button and giving your changes a description.