Two Bio Options

Depending on how much focus you want to give to your artists, you can choose between: 

  1. a Bio Toggle that displays on the same page as the Person List, and 
  2. a separate Person Detail Page with detailed information for each person.

Bio Toggle

This option enables longer bios on people list pages. When you set a bio for an artist, the list adds a new "Bio" button, while keeping the organized 3-column grid: 

When you click on the bio button, the list animates and expands detail for that artist: 

You can then close the bio (you'll see 2 close buttons - one marked "Close" replacing the bio and an "X" in the top right corner to help users easily navigate) to see the full list again. 

People Detail Pages 

Person Detail Pages (or Landing pages) include all Person fields, including contact information, and related events and classes. If you have a lot of information for each artist, you may want to consider this option. This will also create some SEO presence for each artist, which can be useful if your regular artists have their own local followings.

You can turn on links from all People Lists, allowing users to click through to that artist's page. 


How to Turn on Bios

Global defaults (for the entire site)

Go to Groundplan Theme Settings >> People Settings >> Display Bios? 

Set this to "Bio Toggle on Page" or "Link to Person Detail." For Person Detail pages, also check the Enable Landing Pages field. 

Bio Toggle 

Person Detail 


  • When People Landing pages is turned on, you MUST also enable People in the sitemap by making sure SEO >> General Settings >> Post Types >> People is UNCHECKED to make sure it’s enabled. If you need help with this, send a note to
  • If a bio is not set for the artist, the bio button does not appear on the page.
  • If Sorting Method is set to Last Name, make sure a last name is entered for each person under People >> edit person.

On a specific page

Override the default settings by enabling or disabling bios for each People List Component, only if you want one page or tab to work differently.

See also: Reorder People