3.0 - Fall 2019

Latest Updates

  • Registration forms now honor the Sale Start date for event instances.

In this version, Gameflow has taken over implementation of Class Registration systems as a PatronManager Partner.  

This release includes the following new features:

  • Improvements to form look and feel to help with form usability.
  • Improvements to Scholarship form and workflow around scholarship deposits.
  • Wait Lists can now be manually disabled on the event level.
  • Added links in Class Registration Orders to access the customer or admin balance payment forms for that order.
  • Payment IDs are now logged to Payments for easier troubleshooting if a refund is needed
  • General Ledger Codes, if set for the event, are now saved on the Payment level to aid in reporting.
  • Class Registration Contact Type is now visible when qualifying new contacts (Source Type field).
  • Added Gender and Pronoun fields to the default field set.