Set up Classes and Events for Presale

When would I use Presale Settings?

To use presale functionality, send Gameflow a support ticket to enable the functionality on your site.  Presale settings are a great option if your ticketing system or class registration don't already offer a presale access code feature.

1. Visit Groundplan >> Presale Settings. Set your General Onsale Date. This is the date classes go onsale to everyone. 

2. Set your Presale Button Text. This will show on ticketing buttons before the Onsale Date. 

3. Set your Access Code text. This will appear next to the access code entry boxes. 

4. Select classes and events for presale in "Enabled Events & Classes."

5. Add Presale Access Codes for these classes and the Dates/Times the codes should become active. You can set the Access Codes to be any text you'd like.