• Repair the Order Manually - Add a Class Registration Item

Read the Troubleshooting FormAssembly Errors support doc before attempting this procedure - for many FormAssembly errors, it is possible to automatically reprocess an order.

If an order is partially processed, you can add Class Registration items and Class Registration Payment Items using the saved FormAssembly Response (e.g. a "6.x.1 or 7.x.1" error).  

  1. Open the FormAssembly Response with the error.  
  2. Search open orders and look for duplicate orders for this customer.  In some cases, a customer may experience confusion and resubmit their order, so we'll want to process the order to make sure they're registered for the correct classes and that payments are correctly applied.  Open the correct related Class Registration Order.
  3. Identify the missing Class Registration Item
  4. Gather the following information from Salesforce: the Class Registration Order name.
  5. Gather the following information from the FormAssembly response: Price Level ID, registered Student Name (the contact is typically already created)
  6. From the Class Registration Order, select Class Registration Items >> New

  7. In the new CRI form, set fields as follows: 
    1. Search for the Class Registration Order Number.  
    2. Leave Class blank.
    3. in Class (Price Level) search for your class using a wildcard (e.g. "Class title*"). 
    4.  Search for the student name and enter as Participant. 
    5. Search for Parent Name and enter as Registrant.  
    6. Parent 2 is optional.  
    7. Set Registration Status (e.g. "Registered")
    8. Set custom Item-level fields from the FormAssembly response, e.g School , Grade, T-Shirt Size, notes.
    9. Enter Item Subtotal as Registration Fees >> Subtotal
    10. Enter Class: Fee for the item, or enter "0.00" if no fees
    11. enter Discount code entered, if any.
    12. enter Student : Discount total as Discount total, or enter 0.00 if no discount was applied to the item.
  8. You also need to apply a portion of existing payments to the Class Registration Item using a Class Registration Payment Item.  This is a simpler form that helps with financial reporting.
    1. Make note of an applied payment on your order, e.g. "Payment-xxxx').  Double check that the payment is equal to the missing class item value - if it isn't, you'll need to account for the discrepancy.  Was this a partial payment or a full payment?
    2. Open the new Class registration Item (e.g. "Reg-xxxx")
    3. Under Class Registration Payment Items, click the "New Class Registration Payment Item" button
      1. Search for and select the related Class Registration Order
      2. Class Registration Item should be pre-filled.
      3. Search for and select the related Payment ID.
      4. Search for and select the related Billing Contact.
      5. Enter any General Ledger Code for the item from the Form Assembly Response.
      6. Enter the amount of the payment to apply to this item.  Typically, this is the item Price if payment has been made in full.  Otherwise, it will be a percentage of the item price. 
  9. When the Order is repaired, the Amount Paid and Order Total fields should be equal.  We can now send a confirmation email to the customer (they may receive duplicate confirmations).
    1. Go to Setup and under "Quick find / Search" search for "Classic Email Templates"
    2. Open the folder "Class Registration Email templates
    3. Open the "Class Registration Confirmation" email.
    4. Click "Send Test and Verify Merge Fields
    5. Select Related to Record >> Class Registration Order and search for the order you want to send a confirmation to.
    6. You can optionally choose to send the confirmation email to the customer in this step, or you can preview the merged email and copy / paste the HTML preview to send it to the customer with a note.

Repair the Order Manually - Refund a Missing Item

In some cases where items failed to be pushed to Salesforce, the customer will notice this on the confirmation form and re-submit and double-charge themselves.  In these cases, you'll need to partially refund an order on the item that doesn't exist.  The simplest procedure for this situation that will leave an accurate audit trail is:

  1. Manually update the Class Registration Items using the steps above so that the order is correct as charged.
  2. Use the "Issue Refund" wizard and your payment gateway to refund the repaired item and refund the customer.