In cases such as class cancellations, it may be helpful to be able to convert a Class Registration Order into a donation if that's the customer's preference.  Follow these steps to process an order into a donation.

Prep: Disable automations before processing a batch of Donations or Refunds

As a precaution you may want to disable the Class Registration Confirmation emails before you start processing these donation conversions.

Confirmation are sent whenever an order is edited and the order status has changed to Complete, Partially Paid, or Reservation. This means that during a refund, the user may temporarily get a "You owe a balance email" before you complete the order adjustment.

An Admin can disable Class registration Confirmation emails in

Setup >> Flows >> Class Registration Temp Cleanup.

Then click "Deactivate" on Class Registration Temp Cleanup.

Just remember that this needs to be turned back on when you're done!

Prep: Disabling the Wait List for the class

  1. If the class is cancelled, disable the class wait list.
    1. Edit the Class (Ticketable Event) 
    2. Uncheck the "Enable Class Wait List" option.  This will suppress all wait list offers as you refund items in the class.

Processing the Order into a Donation

  1. Open your Class Registration Order.
  2. Refund the Items on the order. This will create an audit trail rather than deleting transactions so that it's easier to track and report how payments flowed and were refunded over time.
    1. Open the order
    2. Click the "Issue Refund" button.
    3. Select whether you want to refund all items on the order.  
      Note:  If there's already a donation on the order, you'll want to refund some items on the order one at a time but NOT the original donation - use these steps to create a second donation so that the customer's donation acknowledgements stay consistent.
    4. Use the "Third Party" refund method to mark this as a special refund case.
    5. Click "Finish".  
      You'll now see the order as Fully Refunded, a refund Payment using Third Party, and a refunded Class Registration Item.

  3. Now that we have our audit trail, we'll convert the third party refund payment into a donation instead. Edit the Order.
  4. Under Class Registration Payments, Edit the Third Party Refund Payment.

    1. Change Donation Amount for the Payment to the Amount to be donated.
    2. Confirm that the donation amount plus the "Amount Paid" CRPayment Items, which is a negative number, balances to $0.
    3. Change the Transaction Total amount to $0.

  5. Do not modify the Class Registration Payment Items - they should reflect an original payment for a class and a refund of that class.  These funds are now applied to a donation in step 5.  

  6. Edit the Class Registration Order.  Modify the Donation Amount to be the new Donation Amount, and change order status to "Complete."

  7. Make a note of the Contact, Original Charge ID (which can be found in the original Class Registration Payment), and Amount of Donation. 

  8. Create a new Donation on the CRO order:

    Fill in the following values for the donation:
    1. Donation Name {Account} Class Registration Donation {Date of Original Purchase}
    2. Amount
    3. Close Date = {Today}
    4. Link Donor to {Your contact}.
    5. Stage - Posted
    6. Donation Origin = FormAssembly Registration Form
    7. Payment Type- Credit Card - External
    8. Class Registration Order - Link to CRO.
    9. Payment Type - Credit Card
    10. Processing Status - Payment Complete
    11. Transaction ID - {Your Charge ID}

Processing a Partial Refund

The process is the same for converting a partial order refund with a partial donation, with the following adjustments:

  1. In Step 2 when refunding the order, remember to actually refund via credit card gateway the amount that should be refunded  (Total order minus donation amount).  Choose "Credit Card" instead of Third Party for the refund method.
  2. In Step 4, Modify the new Payment, mark the amount that should be a donation, and change the transaction total to the amount to be refunded to the customer (a negative number). This should be the same amount that i9s refunded to the customer in Step 2. For example, here's a transaction that converts a $10 purchase into a $5 donation with a $5 refund:

  3. Steps 5-8 are the same:  TheC should be updated to reflect the new donation amount and should be changed to Order Status: "Complete".