Will Gameflow set up PTS 2 for me? 
We recommend setting up PTS 2 on your own, so you can get a feel for how to manage the new PTS and choose your own styling. Most of PTS 2 setup is based in your box office procedures – we can only revise your cross-domain tracking analytics for the new PTS. At the time of launch, we can also help coordinate the migration on your website so your ticket sales are uninterrupted.

How much does it cost? 

Setting up PTS 2 is free; you or your staff will manage that on your own. 
For Gameflow to update cross-domain tracking for PTS 2, we estimate around 2 hours @ $160, or $320. You will continue tracking revenue earned from your ticketing site in Google Analytics. We will help coordinate launch of the new PTS so your ticket sales are uninterrupted.

How do I set up PTS 2? 

Set up a staging site for PTS 2 - view the steps here in PatronManager help.  

Once that's set up, we'll need about 1-2 weeks to connect your ticketing site to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. There's lots of undocumented technical detail in those steps that is related to your specific setup, and we have a process that we've gone through with all the other clients making the transition.

Then, we'll need to schedule a time we're both available to launch the new PTS, so the next steps can happen at about the same time.

You'll launch the staging site (step 13 in the PatronManager Documentation), and immediately after we'll adjust your ticketing links for products on sale to the new PTS. There is no downtime during the transition.

What is different in PatronManager PTS 2?

You are able to make changes in house. No more contacting Gameflow to make edits to your ticketing site; you can set up your logo and colors on your own. Version 2.0 also has better usability in the checkout process. Finally, you will not see your full website menu and header in PTS 2 - Customization is limited to your logo and colors with a choice of preconfigured themes and a small number of configurable menu items, e.g. Subscriptions, Memberships, Tickets, etc. 

What is the Public Ticketing Site? 

The Purchase Tickets, Donate, and Patron Portals pages that your patrons see.

What happens to Gameflow's PatronManager skins that came with my site?

Our PatronManager skins are built off the legacy PTS 1. Legacy PTS 1 will no longer work due after August 31, 2020 due to upcoming security changes in the Salesforce Platform. When you implement the new PatronManager ticketing experience (PTS 2), it will replace our customized skins. 

Can I demo PTS 2.0?

Yes! Labdemo.com (our test site for Groundplan Theme) is now using PTS 2.0.

Start at the calendar page: https://labdemo.com/calendar/?month=December+2020
Click on a Romeo & Juliet "BUY" button.  You're then brought to seat selection or GA selection for your selected performance.
Let us know what questions you have, and we can help you navigate the process!

Follow the steps in PatronManager help.