Configuration Options for Different Flavors of Online Events

Option A - if the event has set performance times

Set one event instance for each time the event will be available online,

Set the performance type to Online Event if there is a set start time.

You may want to Display Time Zones to support viewers in other time zones to attend your performances.

In Groundplan >> Settings, set "Display Time Zone in Dates?" to "Show Time Zone." This includes your local time zone in all calendars and on event detail pages.

Option B - If the event is On Demand for a limited period of time, with no set performance times

Set one event instance for each day the event will be available online.  The final event instance time should be set to the time cutoff for the event on the last day of availability, which determines when the event 'closes'. 

Set the performance type to On Demandwhich removes the start time from where it appears on the main calendar. It will appear on the calendar each day the event is available.

If you are including On Demand events on a hybrid Festival calendar, you may want to schedule them for the beginning of your day, and connect them to an "On Demand" venue to help display them along with scheduled events.

Option C - If the event is ongoing indefinitely and you don't want it to appear on the main calendar

Hide the event from the general calendar. 

Set the Display Date Override to say something like "Available on <date>"

Set the event to Unscheduled (below the Display Date Override). 

SEO Considerations

Groundplan Pro automatically publishes correct Event Rich Results data (if you've enabled it in Groundplan >> Settings) for Virtual, On Demand, and Online Events.