How to add a video to your site

In general, you can paste the link of a YouTube or Vimeo video in the content area for a page, post, or event and it will expand to fit the screen. No need to find any embed code, the link to the video will work perfectly. 

We don't upload/embed videos directly on the site. The large file sizes would overload the server and cause major buffering issues with playback. So instead we recommend uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo to host them there. 

Video specs 

Vimeo video recommended specs (Mp4 is a good option) 

YouTube upload recommended specs

Unlisted Videos 

To limit video access to specific people, set up an Unlisted video, which will prevent people from sharing the YouTube link. 

Here's instructions on changing a video from public to unlisted (NOT Private). 

YouTube Playlists 

For multiple videos, one option is to create a YouTube playlist, so there's one link to embed in the page. Here's how to set up a playlist.

Or, list each video in a stack on the page, so you can see them all by scrolling down.