You can use this technique to capture leads and signups while providing an incentive - a downloadable piece of content, experience, video or PDF - to your audience.

  1. Build a Password Protected Page. Format the page to include your experience or download.

    For downloadable PDFS, do not upload "secret" content to the Media Library - this content can be found on search engines. Instead, share the file using a public share link on Dropbox or Google Drive and make sure the file is set to share with anyone who has the link.

    Copy the Password Protected token link to this page - we'll need it in a later step.

  2. Build your form (either using a Gravity Form or FormAssembly).

  3. Make sure you're being emailed leads or that they're syncing with Emma, Mailchimp, Salesforce, or your CRM through your usual technique.

  4. For the form confirmation, choose "Show a Page". Paste the secret link here - the user will be redirected to the download page or secret access page after filling out the form.

  5. Add a form email notification to the user that includes a link to the secret access page so that they can access the page later.

  6. This system has several moving parts, so test!  Make sure new signups are being emailed to the right people or are coming through to your CRM.  Sign out of WordPress and make sure that all links from the confirmation page and notification emails are linking correctly to the secret content page.