Latest Updates 

Event List Grid Layout

On the flex page Event List component, you're now able to choose a "grid" layout for events.  This list showcases groups of events with more variety and a more visual format, while limiting the amount of information visible while browsing.  Customers are led to the event detail page when clicking an event.

Event List Promos

You can now set Promos that appear between shows in Event Lists.

Full documentation for this feature can be found in this article: Sidebar, Footer, and Event List Promos.

Emma and Mailchimp Add-ons for Gravity Forms

We now include add-on integrations for Emma and Mailchimp for use with any custom forms you build, so that you can opt-in respondents as part of a form submission.  

To get started, follow the Emma or Mailchimp setup steps referenced in our Gravity Forms documentation.

Link Cloud Feature Block

We've added a flexible and styleable Link Cloud feature for the Landing Page Template.  Used with a background image or video, you can route users to a wide variety of content including pages, event categories, calendars, and any link on your site.

If you'd like to enable this feature, you may want to contact Gameflow - we can help you stylize and customize the link cloud to create a unique branded experience.

Tray Popup Promo

You can now add a "toaster-style" tray popup promo on your Home and Landing pages.  This is a tray that locks to the bottom of the screen, and is a good spot for a temporary call to action or promotion.  It also won't trigger SEO issues because it doesn't block the user from using the rest of your site.

The design of the toaster popup is slightly different for classic layouts to visually match the rest of the page:

You can select the default 2-column layout, or select a 1-column layout which works well if you want to more content such as simple signup forms.

Your customers can dismiss the popup if they're not interested in the offer. That dismissal will be saved in the customer's browser for 2 months and then popups will return - this is designed to be a seasonal promotion.

Due to space limitations, the popup is not visible on mobile devices (this is a best practice for SEO).

To activate a popup, edit your Home or Landing Page, and click the new "Show Popup Promo?" and fill in the appropriate fields for your promotion.

You can set a delay time of the number of seconds that the tray should appear after the user first loads the page under Groundplan Theme Settings >> Footer >> Popup Delay.  The default is 2 seconds.

You'll also want to make sure you've set colors for the popup in Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Colors >> Tray Promo Text Color & Background Color.  We typically recommend using the same alert colors that you for your Marquee or Footer Copyright Background color.

Disable Sidebars

Flex pages (Default Template) now have an option to hide the sidebar, which centers the content on the page.  This can help focus attention on certain pages.

Other Updates

  • Event Filters on the Event List layout now visually indicate whether a filter is active (black text) or inactive (lighter gre
  • For one-night only events and classes, we now automatically display the start time of the performance in the format "h:mm pm" on events and event summaries.   You can still manually override this format if you like.
  • Reformatted some back end field layouts to make them more readable and to provide more editing space.

  • Fixed a bug where classes and events were not always appearing and sorting by date on the related Person detail page.
  • You can now customize promos on each class.
  • You can now include a gallery of images or testimonials on classes, OR you can set either on the course / curriculum level to set the default for all classes in that course.
  • Added a Default Class List image in addition to a default event list image when the Education Add-On is enabled.
  • You can now choose whether "Display Venue Info" on each Event Detail page should default on or default off, and you can set a default heading for that section, allowing you to control the venue directions section globally for all new events.  Set a default setting in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings >> Event Usability Features
  • Fixed a bug with People landing page Header Images.
  • The temporary Emma popup functionality has been deprecated - we now recommend embedding or linking to an Emma form instead.
  • Removed unused gallery controls from the Grid / Festival calendar.
  • Fixed a bug that limited the number of results when filtering event lists by venue.
  • Enabled the Disclaimer / Custom Note field for Classes
  • Added support for larger sold out messages and custom button text for events.
  • Released Education Add-On v 1.3.0
  • Released PatronManager Add-On v 2.0.1

Version 1.4 (Oct 2019)

New Landing Page Template

The Groundplan Theme now includes a new design option for home and landing pages, the landing page template.  While the Home page template is designed to showcase the variety of your programming (e.g. through the Home Page Carousel), the Landing Page template is a more immersive layout that showcases the story of your company or program with full-page images and background videos.

Landing Page Example - Step Afrika!
Documentation for the Landing Page Template

Event Structured Data Enhancements

  • With the Groundplan 1.4 release, the Groundplan Theme has updated its Event Structured Data support to be compatible with changes to Event Schema earlier this year and now include Performer data and SEO-compliant pricing fields.  See the Groundplan plugin release notes for details.

Venue Addresses on Calendars

  • The monthly calendar and each event detail page can now include venue details.  Enable "Display Venues on Calendars" in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings >> Event Usability.  This supports audiences to find the performance location for intinerant and touring companies.

Other Enhancements

  • Added a setting to adjust the default button text "Buy Tickets" (Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings >> Event Usability >> Default Buy Button Text)
  • You can now add a small Header Image to support  the Events page call to action (Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings >> Event List Header Image) or Calendar page (Calendar Page >> Calendar Settings >> Calendar Header Image)
  • Fixed a bug where the landing page would not honor Event mode if locations had been set manually in the past.
  • Monthly Calendars can now display events and classes in the same calendar.
  • On event pages, connected People now display in sorted sections by Role Type (e.g. Cast, Production Staff, etc.).  The sort order of these sections is determined by the order that Role Types appear in "Artists to Display on this Event."
  • If you present a single testimonial in a gallery, the style now shifts to look good without carousel controls.
  • The people component now gives logged-in users feedback if no people are found due to settings misconfigurations.
  • Partner grid section headings now have a different hierarchy / size than the component heading.
  • You can now choose to display Venue filters on monthly calendars and in Event List Search - enable by editing the Calendar page and in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings

Past Updates