Build a Genre or Series Page

Go to Events >> Series >> Overview to add summary information at the top of a series page. Similarly, you can go to Events >> Genres >> Overview. 

Add multiple buttons to link to the other series or genres to create a navigation by series or genre. 

You can also add promos to a Series, which will display to the right of the Series Overview.

To view the series, go back to the series list, hover over the series name, and click View. 

Add a Series or Genre to the Menu

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menu.
  2. Add the Series category to the selection box on the left. Click "Screen Options" in the top right. Activate the categories you'd like to choose from ("Series," "Genre," "Events," "People," "Partners," etc), then click the "Save Menu" button. 
  3. Within the Series box, search for your series and select it, then add it to the menu.

See also: Configuring the Menu