v 1.0.7 

  • New Grid / Hourly calendar for Film Festivals and Conferences
  • Archetype is now called Groundplan Theme

v. 1.0.6

  • New FAQ Template
  • Added 3-month mini calendar setting for Event Detail pages
  • Fixed Weekly calendar default ticket buttons to display as "buy" instead of "Buy Tickets" unless you override.
  • Improved SEO support and defaults for Events, Seasons and People, including complete XML sitemaps)
  • Header call to action buttons are now completely customizable (link & label)
  • Fixed the Sort order of events on Season, Series, and Genre landing pages
  • Added support for Google Tag Manager
  • When the sidebar action isn't set, the horizontal rule in the sidebar is now hidden.
  • Events with only Vague Dates (no event instances) now appear at the end of each Event list (Festival, Genre, or Series) page.
  • On tabbed pages, you can now sort the content types on each tab (Content, Map & Gallery)

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