v 1.1.0

Flex Pages, Tabs and Content Blocks

  • Lots of new features for flex / default pages!  For new flex pages, all controls have been rolled into tabs which gives you more control over your page order while simplifying how the page controls work. Tab navigation only appears on the page if you have more than one tab.

    If you had previous content outside of tabs, never fear!  These old fields and pages will still work exactly as they did before when you visit or edit these pages - the controls will only be removed if you remove the old settings into the new tab format.

    These features are only available on new default pages for backwards compatibility, so if you'd like to take advantage of them the easiest process is to create a new flex page, migrate your content to the new page, rename and unpublish your old page, replacing it with the new page.

  • There are more content types available in flex page tabs, including Testimonial Galleries, Partner / logo Grids, Downloads, FAQs, and up to 3 sortable content blocks.

Other Bugfixes and Feature Enhancements

  • The legacy versions of Tabs on the Flex page are now highlighted in a gray-orange color.
  • Flex Page galleries now have an option to display download links and a caption copy function for press images.
  • Simplified promo layout controls to remove controls that do not affect the design.
  • Added the [groundplan-sponsor] shortcode for each partners to display responsive logo clouds and offers within any HTML text editor (but also check out the new Partner flex page component.)
  • All Groundplan Theme servers and the Digital Ocean data center have been upgraded to mitigate the Meltdown / Spectre chip vulnerability.
  • Added setting to group performances on the calendar by event - useful when there are many showings of the same event in a day.
  • Bugfix to honor series / season filtering with vague dates events.
  • Bugfix to honor custom Buy Ticket and Sold Out Message settings on all layouts
  • When all event instances for an event are sold out, the event now displays a sold out message.
  • Home Hero buttons now have custom color preferences separate from other buttons.
  • Updated the look and feel of the Galleries to better support smaller galleries and images of different aspect ratios.
  • Events now archive 4 hours after the start time of the final event instance.
  • WP Missed Posts plugin now available for scheduled publishing of events.
  • Added settings for custom date formats for Dropdown calendars
  • Updates to support WordPress 4.9

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