v 1.3.3 (September 2019)

Share by SMS

On mobile devices, there is now a share by SMS link available to users.  

Month Navigation 

On the Monthly Calendar layout, there is now a dropdown navigation to allow users to quickly navigate into future months.

Emma Signup Forms

In the first of a set of updates to support time-sensitive promotions, we're rolling out a "Toaster" promo for myEmma email signups. You can use the new settings in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Footer to embed an Emma list signup form that appears after a specified delay time. Patrons can dismiss the promotion for 2 months.

Patron Ticketing Site v2 Support

Added support for new Patron Portals features in Patron Ticketing Site v2. When PTS Version 2 and Patron Portals are enabled in Groundplan >> Settings, Patrons will be prompted to login as they check out, without a need for additional buttons or steps. Prompt links are automatically added to any ticket urls from your organization's PatronManager instance if they appear as buy ticket buttons and Calendar buy buttons.

Make sure you also configure your PatronManager Instance URL which is used to calculate when the prompt should be added to a ticket.

After enabling PTS v2 in Groundplan Settings, any previously created events will need to have rebuilt Ticket URLs to take advantage of this feature. To do this, resync on sale events by deleting General Ticket URL, deleting any upcoming event instances, and resaving your event.

Minor Updates and Bugfixes in 1.3.3

  • Events, Curricula and other Page Template types can now be Password-Protected.  This can be particularly useful for presenting venues when sharing unannounced events with promoters.
  • The Event List component now includes an "Unscheduled and Upcoming" option.  When selected, both upcoming and current events plus Unscheduled events will be displayed in alphabetical order.
  • You can now include links to tabs on the same flex page.
  • Promos now honor the "Open in New Tab" setting when setting a link.  Note that this is only true for Promos - other URL settings are typically used only for on-site links so the site will disable "Open in new tab."
  • Event pricing fields now honor line breaks.
  • Added an ADA Compliance Guide to the Help Menu.
  • Added a "Show Closed Events" preference to the Home Hero Slider.  When set to "Hide" [the default] Events hide after they close.

v 1.3.2 (June 2019) 

Home Full-width Promos

This summer we're releasing a few new options for home page design to provide more layout options and flexibility. The first release is the new "Promo Grid" Layout option on the Homepage:

The new grid layout appears below the homepage carousel and is optimized for 4, 6, or 8 promos. It displays full-width, and you have quite a bit of flexibility to create different promo sizes, images, or videos.

Each promo block (about 50% of the width of the page on desktop) has lots of design and content options:

  • Size.  You can mix and match Large or Small blocks.  Small blocks display an image or video on the left or right of your text.
  • Color.  Promos can be set with a Light or dark promo color, or can be set as white or transparent so that you can set your own colors in your background image.  You can customize your default light and dark colors in Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Colors >> Home Grid Promo.
  • Content.  Set your own Title, Teaser, and Button Text.  If you want to design your own image button, set the Alt Text for screen readers.   Include an image, no image, or video.
  • Alignment.  Align the text automatically to fit your image.  Text realigns and resizes automatically on different devices.

There's a new Photoshop Template available for the Grid Promo option, available here.

Title Prefixes and Suffixes

  • Events now support titles with Prefixes and Suffixes, which display as smaller text above and below the title (e.g 'Presented by', or 'Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo')

New Features with People

  • When including multiple Person Types in a single list, the list will sort into sections organized by person type. If you only select one Person type to display, the section title does not display as it is typically redundant.  This can create flexible views when using Parent & Child Person Types, for instance an Orchestra Parent organized into sub types like Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, etc.
  • Added the flexible "Additional Roles" field to each person, which appears below main company role even when bios are hidden.  Useful for sub-roles like Orchestra instrument or associated organizations, etc.
  • With the People Add-on, you can now modify the three Unions & Associations available to suit your purposes, to support for instance musician unions or emeritus ensemble members, etc.
  • When the reorder posts plugin is active, you can now choose to sort people lists by last name OR the manual order in People >> Reorder.

v 1.3.0 (May 2019)
Class Management

The Groundplan Theme now supports Class management to support arts and culture education programs.  This feature can be enabled on your site with a small additional implementation cost.

You can now enable a search bar that supports searching events or classes by multiple categories and keywords.
Groundplan Theme Settings >> Events >> Event List Settings >> Enable Event List Search & Event List Filters to Include

  • Monthly Calendar pages can display either Events or Classes.
  • Event List Components can be filtered to display Events, Classes or Both.
  • Classes can optionally be organized into Curricula (aka "Courses") - recurring classes that share subject matter but may be offered in different sessions, with different instructors, or age ranges.

Theme Settings Cleanup

We're starting the process of organizing Groundplan Theme settings and preferences into different categories to make finding settings easier.

Other Goodies in 1.3.0

  • Customize the "Share This" prompt in Groudnplan Theme Settings >> Footer >> Social >> "Share This" prompt.

  • You can now include a testimonial or review gallery on each event.

  • We've added a few standard plugins to optimize page load times.  The new features include an improved image compression service and tools that optimize the loading of Javascript and other dependency files.

  • You can now set a sort order for Home Hero slides:  Manual sort, or Randomized so that a new slide appears with each page load.
  • Event List Pages can now display Past Events only as an option, and you can set a call to action button and description, or SEO description for the main /events "All Events" page (Under Groundplan Theme Settings >> Events >> Event List Settings)
  • Added a skip navigation screen reader link to the main content to improve the experience for screen readers.
  • When the PatronManager Instance value is set, a link to the user's cart now appears in the secondary menu.
  • Flex Page Content Blocks now self-clear floated images so that floated images don't cause layout issues further down the page.
  • For touring events or multi-venue organizations, you can enable venue maps that display on each event summary in Event List pages.  To enable this feature, select Groundplan Theme Settings >> Events >> Event Usability Features >> Display Venue Maps on Event List?

  • You can now set a header image for Series, Genres, and Seasons.
  • If you use Patron Portals or a Members-only link, you can now customize the call to action button that appears next to Buy tickets in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Promos & Links >> Groundplan Theme Links >> Member Login Button Text
  • The home hero slider now has a Transition Delay Time setting so that you can adjust the resting time of each slide.
  • The calendar page now supports more than 2 promos.
  • The venue name now displays when including Directions & Parking on an event detail page.
  • New Setting: Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Usability Features >> Display Genre Badges.  Optionally displays a link on each event detail page to an event list page for the primary genre chosen for the event.
  • Links have been updated in the help menu to our new Support Portal.

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