Troubleshooting Groundplan's Auto-Update feature

Typically you can use Wordress's auto-update feature to update Groundplan and the Groundplan add-ons.

However, the auto-update feature doesn't work on some installs of WordPress where you have a firewall enabled (e.g. the Wordfence plugin) that blocks the plugin from calling back to our servers - or if your license authorization needs to be reset.  In these cases try the following workarounds:

Reset the License authorization

  1. Go to Groundplan >> Groundplan to view your licenses.
  2. Copy your license key and save it (e.g. paste it into a text document.) Erase the license key, and click the blue "Save Changes" button.
  3. Paste your license key back in and press "Save Changes"
  4. Press "Activate License".  Your license token has been refreshed if it was previously expired.
  5. Attempt the automatic update of the plugin again.

Manually Update the plugin

  1. Find your username.  This is typically the email address your organization used to purchase your licenses, and is the same email that receives receipts after license purchases. 
  2. Go to and log in using the "Log In to your Account" link.
  3. The "Reset Password" link will send you an email if you've forgotten your password.
  4. You should be redirected back to the same page after logging in.  If you're not, return to
  5. You'll see a list of all the plugins in your account and you can download copies of the latest version.
  6. Unzip the plugin files and upload them to your site through your normal process (e.g. SFTP to the wp-content/plugins folder)

Will deactivating the plugin delete all my event data?

No! There is no checkbox for delete all data - this plugin does not delete your event data upon deactivation, because that would tend to be really disruptive!  This happens with some WordPress plugins, but in our case we don't want to ever delete your event data if the plugin is deactivated.