How much did each event make us?

Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview 

Tracks conversion on specific events (products).

Click on event title to learn more about the audience.

Under Product Performance, compare different metrics, for example product revenue vs avg price.

Which channels are bringing in the most revenue? 

Acquisition > Overview 

To improve organic search rankings on specific search terms, set those terms in the page SEO settings. 

E-commerce transactions are usually measured on the hit level, won't find it on user or session level.

Are our channels effective in the age groups we want to grow?

Audience >> Demographics >> Age >> Sort by Revenue

What other channels assisted with a conversion? 

Conversions > Multi-channel funnels > Assisted conversion 

AKA What did users visit, before using a different method to make a purchase?

  • Last click = how much they ultimately spent 
  • Assisted conversion value = how much this channel assisted with the sale 

What pages motivate the most ticket sales?

Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages >> Page Value Column

Checks the conversions from a specific page