What are our biggest drivers of site traffic?

Acquisition > All traffic > Source medium 

Sort revenue by greatest. 

What keywords are people searching to find us?

Acquisition > Search Console > Queries

Check position on search terms. Average position should be 3 or higher. 

What other websites send us traffic? 

Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals

What pages do users look at?

Behavior - Site Content - All Pages

Date Range

If you're not looking at a particular campaign, set a long date range.


  • All Users = people using a specific browser on the computer
  • Returning Users = People returning for the 2nd time in the date range you're looking at with a half hour break
  • Converters = Folks who have bought something

Session = a single instance of someone looking at the site 

Hit = time spent looking at a single page 

Where do our patrons hear about us?


  • Organic Search = through unpaid search engine results. SEO is responsible for this number.
  • Direct = they typed in the URL to their browser, typically more Returning Visitors & loyal customers and print advertisements. 
  • Social = broken down by platform
  • Referral = external links generating content

Channels are attributed to the last touchpoint before they bought

Did our patrons hear about us through multiple sources?

Assisted Conversions

Conversions >> Multi-channel Funnels  >> Assisted conversions.  Indicates how much a particular channel helped with conversions credited to other sources