Evaluate a channel

Acquisition >> Campaigns >> All campaigns 

  • Look at various campaigns (email, vanity domians, etc)

Change dashboard view by Primary Dimension

  • Source = channel type, vendor

  • Medium = type of ad

Add Secondary Dimension >> search for “Page”

  • Landing Page - first page they visit from ad link

  • Exit page - last page they visited during session 


  • Metrics to look at: Bounce Rate, Avg session duration

When should we send email newsletters?

  • Home >> Time of Day Report
  • Or Custom Report >> Flat Table >> Day of Week + Hour >> Name Dimension with additional metrics or filters.

How are our Facebook ads doing? Are our Facebook Boosts working?

Acquisition >> Social >> Overview or Acquisition >> All Traffic >> Referrals 

then look at Social Organic vs Social paid

  • m.facebook.com - mobile 
  • l.facebook.com - live 
  • facebook.com - desktop 

Set Secondary Dimension >> Landing Page to see where they go on the site (organic and paid traffic). 

To split organic/paid traffic - go to Acquisition >> All Traffic >> Source/Medium 

  • Can be tracked more effectively by adding Google URL variables in the shared link in the Facebook Ad, or tracked through Facebook Page Reporting.

How are Emma campaigns doing?

Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns  (need to input Emma campaigns manually)

Click Revenue to sort by most revenue.

Also look at conversion rate.  

How are Google Ads campaigns doing?

Acquisition > Google Ads > Campaigns 

Or Acquisition - all traffic - source medium, then look at Paid vs organic.

Adwords set up and connection

Google Ads Linking - https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/1704341?co=ADWORDS.IsAWNCustomer%3Dfalse&hl=en 

  1. Make sure the Adwords and Analytics properties are accessible from the same account

  2. Go to Gear Menu >> Linked Accounts >> Set up Link

  3. Choose the main domain view.