How does my traffic compare to typical orgs in my industry in my area? 

Audience - Benchmarking - Channels

What can we learn about the behavior of important types of website users?

  • All users = everyone (and bot!) who visited the website
  • Converters = people who bought tickets
  • Returning users = more loyal customers who spend more time with you

What cities are our users in? 

Audience > Geo > Location 

Set Primary Destination = city 

Geo = Language 

What are the demographics of our audience? 

Audience > Demographics > Age 

Sessions = engagement

What else is our audience interested in?

Audience >> Interests >> Affinity Categories 

Add Converters audience segment to track anyone who's spent money. 

Result of 0 = data privacy rules mean we can't collect this data on this segment.

What revenue % is from a particular segment?

Audience > Demographics > Overview > +Add Segment

E-commerce Converters Segment has been created

Build Audience from Segment for Remarketing