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Version 1.6 (February 2021)

Version 1.6 brings some options for visual updates to the Groundplan Theme, and functionality to support a wide variety of virtual programming formats, including a new event list layout, Instagram feed support, and a new minimal menu option.

Check out our demo site at to see the latest features in action:

New menu layout option: Hamburger Menu

If you've got a deep menu with longer words or just prefer a minimalist look, you can now switch to a Hamburger menu format on desktop. The menu opens in a mobile-responsive tray. Secondary menu items, if set, will appear next to the menu toggle icon.

Set your menu preference in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Header >> Header Preferences >> Menu Style

You can now create different menus to display in your site header and footer.

At the bottom of the menu settings in Appearance >> Menus, you can select whether your main menu should display in one or more navigation locations - "Primary Navigation" and "Footer Navigation".  By default your main menu appears in both locations. 

You may create up to two menus if you prefer to have different navigation options in these two locations.

Perfect for promoting a wide variety of content in a compact space (e.g. films and online festivals), the new Event Carousel format is available for any Event List component on a landing or flex page.

Add a call to action to promote a package deal or helpful follow up link.

Landing Page Content Block : Instagram Feed

You can now add an Instagram Gallery Feed to your landing page, and choose the number of posts and columns to display at a time.

Instructions for activating this and authenticating your instagram account are in the support article on Landing Pages.

Promo (for memberships) on Password Protected Pages

We've been recommending our password-protected page feature for membership programs for some time now, and that's just gotten another update: You can now set a Promo that displays on Password Protected pages and events that promotes a membership program or other call to action.

Set your promo in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Announcements >> Password Promo

Other Updates in this Release

  • If you use Facebook Ads, an upcoming change to Facebook Privacy will require authenticating your domain name by adding a meta tag to your site header.  This can now be done easily in the new field Groundplan Theme Settings >> Footer >> Facebook Domain Verification.
  • The Trailer field - a featured promotional video for events – is now in all Event types.  In addition to the Festival Calendar, the trailer will now appear on Event Lists, Event Grid Lists, and above the full description on the Event detail page.
  • Landing Page Feature blocks now honor the link target, meaning you can open these calls to action in a new tab (e.g. for an offsite donation link).
  • Landing Page Feature blocks now have a "button only" mode if you do not set a Title or Teaser.
  • Background video mattes now fade in more smoothly.
  • More accessibility improvements to Gallery navigation buttons.
  • Fixed a bug in Safari that broke the height of the Toaster Tray popup, and broke layout when the Tray was being used for an email signup form.
  • Article lists now better support WordPress' "Sticky Posts" feature.  If you manually select posts to display, these will display, but if you only select a category of posts sticky posts will display next.
  • Fixed a bug where unsorted Partners wouldn't display in some Partner Grid content blocks.
  • Updates for jQuery migration to prepare for javascript changes coming in WordPress 5.7 in mid-2021
  • When the "Related Posts" feature is enabled in Groundplan >> Settings, Event and Posts can now be linked as "Related Events" and "Related Posts" respectively. Related content displays on the detail pages of each event or post.

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