Version 1.7 (September 2022)


New Default Calendar Type for Events

You can now set the default type of calendar you'd like to include on new events (e.g. Weekly, Mini, Dropdown or No Calendar) in Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings >> Event Usability Features >> Default Event Calendar Type

There's now Sidebar Ad Carousel option to the Action Button feature (now called "Sidebar Call to Action").  These settings allow you to add a rotating carousel of square image ads - with optional links - that display at the top of every sidebar when set.

New Landing Page and Flex (default) Page Blocks

  • a new Full width widescreen promo block. 
  • a new flexible text content area block to the Landing Page.
  • We continued the process of adding versions of content blocks to work on both Default Pages and Landing Pages (including HTML Content Blocks, Event Lists, Post Lists, and People List blocks)

Added Google Analytics 4 Event Tracking for Buy Tickets Buttons

  • Clicking any "Buy Tickets" button now logs the click and the target event with a "select_item" event, which can be used to view checkout funnel visualization

Other Updates and Bugfixes

  • With 1.7, we've upgraded our web servers and code to run PHP 8 for page load speed and other performance improvements.
  • All website package clients have had Google Analytics 4 tracking (with e-commerce conversions where available) added to their Google Analytics account, in anticipation of the retirement of Universal Google Analytics (GA3) in July 2023.
  • Improved Popup Tray formatting with additional content scenarios like optional images or no teaser text. 
  • You can now disable sidebar promos for Events in addition to Default Pages (without tabs)
  • Added header image support to the Festival Page Layout
  • Added support for multiple Instagram Gallery feeds on different landing pages
  • Added password protection support for Landing Pages
  • When Person detail pages are enabled, People Headshots are now included in OpenGraph metadata.
  • Fixed vertical height on sidebar promos when you have an embedded video but no teaser.
  • Added Yelp as a Footer Social Link option.
  • Updated Gravity Forms styling to support some of the latest Gravity Forms field features and layouts
  • Fixed vertical offset positioning for landing pages when Logo and header height has been adjusted.
  • Deprecated the legacy FAQ, Event List, and Plan Your Visit Layouts since those are now supported by the Default "flex" template.
  • Added a plugin to support the new Facebook Conversions API
  • Added the optional Public Post Preview plugin to allow internal review of draft posts before they are published.
  • People detail pages now have an optional Gallery component.
  • You can now customize the "All Events" landing page title under Groundplan Theme Settings >> Event Settings.
  • Added an "All Events (Upcoming First)" sort order to Event Lists and Series under the "Show Past Events?" field.  This is a flexible sort order option that emphasizes both upcoming performances and past archives at the same time, useful for a hybrid event series that combines on demand digital performances with new one-time-only digital events.
  • Fixed a bug where Manually selected posts wouldn't display in order properly.

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