Tips for your website's Donate page

1) Have a "Donate" button (using the button shortcode) at the top of the first tab. It's also fine to duplicate this at the bottom of the first tab, and in internal tabs.  You'll get more clicks this way than if you put the call to action button in the middle of your copy. How to build a tabbed page.

2) If that's not possible, you can also create a "Donate" link in your menu by linking directly to the correct tab. You can use a Custom Link to add this option to the menu. How to link to a tab in your menu. 

3) Typically one of the secondary menu items in the header would be dedicated to a quick donation button so that it's visible on every page. If donations are more important than the calendar or building the email list, I'd consider adding a donation link in that upper menu. How to update the header.

4) The links should always be set up with buttons, not "Click here" text to make the call to action very clear - that will increase your click rate.  How to add a button.

Print & mail donation forms

With print/mail forms, please be aware that the "print and mail order a form" donation mechanism has to be handled securely in accordance with the law, and opens your org up to significant credit card security liability with PCI compliance requirements. Here's some background on that process. Typically we'd recommend moving to an online-only donation policy if possible, supplemented with a secure online portal where phone or walkup donations are entered directly into the payment gateway without being written down in the process.

Creating a new campaign landing page

We recommend creating a landing page in Wordpress, where you can add images and tell the story of the campaign. You can also link to this page in your sidebar promos and header menu, and in email blasts. 

Campaigns in PatronManager

Include a button link to a PatronManager form for this campaign. Online, you generally want to collect credit card info through a secure payment gateway like with PatronManager. A standard form builder like Gravity Forms, FormAssembly, or Cognito may have the same PCI compliance issues as a paper form if you don't have a payment gateway set up with it.

Here's how to clone and edit your current donation form in PatronManager to make a new form for this campaign. Add a hidden field that marks any donation through this form with a specific Primary Campaign Source to track and report on the campaign progress. We can't help extensively with PatronManager support, but this should get you started.

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