The flex page is your base template to use for most of the pages on your site: Plan Your Visit, Donate, Staff, Sponsors, etc. 

Page without tabs

In Page Tabs, click Add Tab. 

Leave the Tab Label blank. Select the content types you'd like on the page and enter your content. See below for more on content types.

With just one tab entered, the page will not display the tab navigation and will instead display the right sidebar global promos. 

Page with multiple tabs 

Enter a Tab Label, which will display in the tab navigation. 

On the back end: 

On the front end: 

Enter multiple tabs by clicking the blue Add Tab button at the bottom right of the meta box, or the plus sign on the right. 

Collapse Tabs with the up arrow in the top left. 

Expand with the down arrow in the same spot. 

Reorder tabs: click on the left side of the tab (with the number), then drag and drop. 

Delete tabs with the red "do not enter" button on the right. On hover the tooltip will say "Remove row?"

Content Types

You can select multiple content types on a tab and drag and drop to reorder them. 

Available content types include: