Set up Venues & Events

Enter all your venues before adding events. Events must have a venue to show up on the calendar and put tickets on sale. 

Go to Events >> Add New.

Event Image Upload & Cropping

You can add images to the page from either the Media Library or by uploading them directly to the page. The page will say what the image dimensions are required, and you can crop the images in Wordpress while you're uploading them. 

Genre, Series, or Season

On the right, under the "Publish" box, are "Series" and "Genre" boxes.

Series is a great place to denote different seasons or subscription packages. Check the boxes to add the event to a season, or click "+Add New Series" to add a new series.

Genres are customizable tags or labels you can apply to different events, so audience members can filter the calendar and event listings by genre. Genre suggestions: "Theatre" or "Dance," or different languages, or "Play" or "Musical" or "New Works."

Enter Event Dates

Display Dates are automatically calculated from the Event Instances (aka Performances). If you want to enter your own custom text, you can enter the "Display Date Overrride".

Add Event Instances

Before adding Event Instances, you'll want to make sure your Venue(s) are set up.

If you use PatronManager to sell your tickets, you can automatically enter Event Instances by syncing.  If you need to set them up manually:  

  • Click "+ Select Venue" to reveal the list of venues, then choose your venue to create a new Event Instance.
  • For each event instance, select date/time, performance type, and ticketing link (the unique Buy Tickets link for each performance).  
  • The default Type is "Performance."  See more information about Event Instance Types. 

Change Date Format 

If you want a different default format Long or Short Display Dates (e.g. October 12 instead of Friday, October 12), modify the defaults in Groundplan >> Settings >> Event Display Date Format.

Add Custom Display Dates

The event dates will be calculated automatically from the first and last event instance. However, you can enter your own date format with the Display Date Override field:


Event Calendar Type

Here's a preview of what the different calendar options look like. 

Weekly Calendar for this Event:

Dropdown of Event Instances:

6-month Mini Calendar with Time Select:

3-month Mini Calendar with Time Select: 

1-month Mini Calendar with Time Select:

Updating Your Events with Patron Data 

Requires the PatronManager Add-On.

Sample Event Detail Page