Static content you want available year-round.

  • How to edit: Pages >> New or click through the pages in the menu 
  • Examples: Getting here, ticketing, staff pages, art gallery, rentals
  • Design Template: Flex/Default


Your front page

  • How to edit: Pages >> New or click through the pages in the menu 
  • Design Template: Home


  • How to edit: Pages >> All Pages >> Calendar
  • Design Template: Calendar


Where events are held

  • How to edit: Venues >> All Venues - should be mostly set up
  • Design Template: No template, these don't appear on the front end


Something you’re selling tickets to or want people to mark in their calendars.

  • How to edit: Events >> All Events or Events >> Add New
  • Examples: A show, school performance, art gallery exhibit. Includes on sale and past events
  • Design Template: Event Detail

Seasons, Series, Genres, Ages

A group of events or event category

  • How to edit: Events >> Seasons, Events >> Series, Events >> Ages, or Events >> Genres.
  • Examples: your season page, a partner event series, or events filtered by genre or age
  • Design Template: Event List or Class List


Information that is relevant for a short time

  • How to edit: Posts >> Add New
  • Example: Press release, news item, announcement, interview
  • Design Template: Article Detail


  • How to edit: Posts >> Category
  • Examples: news feed, press releases list
  • Design Template: Article List


  • How to edit: Appearance >> Menus

Header and Footer

  • How to edit: Groundplan Theme Settings


An image/link to an initiative you want to promote. Usually sidebar or footer cards.

  • How to edit: Groundplan Theme Settings >> Global Promos


Organizations or people you want to thank with logo recognition and a link.

  • How to edit: Sponsors >> Add New
  • Examples: Corporate sponsors, Dining & Hotel Partners

Curricula & Classes

available with the Education add-on

  • How to edit: Classes >> Curricula or Classes >> Classes
  • Examples: Year-round classes, drop-ins, summer camps, intensives
  • Design Template: Curriculum Detail and Class Detail


Available with the People add-on

  • How to edit: People >> Add New
  • Examples: Artists & Staff
  • Design Template: Person Detail